Weapons and equipment on Counter-Strike

The series of articles on the basic aspects of Counter-Strike continues. After the basics, the rules, the maps and the economy, now the weapons used in the game!

As explained last week, the economic system on CS is the basis of team play. Without money no weapons, equipment or grenades meaning tactical options are limited.

The basics

Each player has the possibility to have a main weapon (sniper, automatic rifles, etc.), a secondary weapon (a pistol), a knife and grenades. Grenades are limited to 4 maximum per player. Each weapon is provided with a number of bullets per round.

Each weapon has unique characteristics. Damage, recoil, movement speed, accuracy, bullet ejection speed, penetration of bullet and body vests, reload time, number of bullets, purchase price and more different parameters change in every weapons. There are 33 weapons available plus the knife.

Some weapons have suppresors or specific modes like the burst mode which shoots 3 bullets in one shot. Suppresors and modes can be activated and removed at any time

Types of weapons

There are 6 different types of weapons:

  • Guns: The basic weapons and the cheapest, however some are really effective.
  • Shotguns: There are 4 different ones and are very effective at short distances only.
  • Submachine guns: They fire very quickly and are effective in short and medium distance and their price is quite low. They are not very effective in long distance and against opponents with helmets and kevlar vests.
  • Automatic rifles: The weapons with the best power/price ratio/shooting speed. They are the basis of the competitive game mode and are effective in all circumstances.
  • Snipers: Very effective in long distance, you have to have good reflexes to use them in short and medium distance.
  • Heavy weapons: Two large machine guns that fire very fast and have a large number of bullets. However, they are not very precise.

Since 2013, Valve offers custom weapons with different colors and designs

Grenades and equipment

There are also grenades and equipment to accompany the classic rifles, pistols and others.

  • Explosive Grenades (HE): Grenades that do the most damage, used to remove life or kill.
  • Flashbangs: The flashbangs are used to blind and thus turn white the screen of people who saw the grenade for a few seconds.
  • Smoke grenades: These are used to create a wall of smoke to attack or defend an area, they serve a lot for tactics.
  • Molotovs and incendiary grenades: They serve to neutralize an area by setting fire to this place for a few seconds, to pass over it makes lose of life.
  • Decoys: They are used to make an opponent believe by making the sound of a weapon. They are not dangerous and rarely used.
  • Kevlar: A bulletproof vest that adds protection that allows you to lose less life and the bullets have less effects on your body.
  • Helmet: Helps to survive shots in the heads by some weapons.
  • Knife: Removes life at close range, has two modes of operation, the first is fast but does little damage, the second is slower but can kill in two stab.
  • Taser: Kills in one shot but does not bring money. You must be very close and do not miss, the weapon is no longer usable after one shot.
  • Defuse kit: Defuses the bomb in 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds without a kit.
  • Bomb: One terrorist has it in each round, he can keep it or give it to a teammate. It takes a few seconds to initiate the bomb.

Weapons reserved for attack or defense

The attack and defense game being very different, weapons are only available in certain sides. Thus, 10 pistols are available in total, 7 for terrorists, 8 for anti-terrorists, 4 are reserved for one side or the other only.

The submachine guns are 6 and each side has 5, each side has a unique SMG. Ditto for heavy weapons and shotguns.

The deal changes with automatic rifles and snipers. Of the 7 rifle weapons, 4 are reserved for CTs when 3 are for Terrorists. Regarding snipers, 4 are available including 2 common plus one unique per side.

Most used weapons

To conclude, we must admit that some weapons are almost not used on CS:GO competitive matches. Heavy weapons, shotguns and some of the snipers, machine guns, pistols and automatic rifles are almost not used or just a little depending some situations.

The most used weapons are 11 out of 33 available. There’s in the order the conventional rifles that are the AK-47 used only in attack as well as the M4A1 and the M4A4 which they are used in defense. Then, there’s the AWP sniper then the USP and Glock (basic guns) as well as the p250, the Tec-9 and the Deagle. Finally, the Famas rifle and the UMP45 submachine gun are the last two most common weapons.

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