Against All Authority

    Against All Authority, better known by the acronym *aAa*, is a mythical name of the French esport. Created in 2000, this organization has evolved in many disciplines, but started on Counter-Strike, the first of the name. 17 years later, aAa has just returned to Counter-Strike, this time named Global Offensive, by recruiting a good team from France.

    This team is led by Flavien “WALLAX” Lebreton, 25, from Nantes. Flavien is an experienced player who has traveled the French scene before finding in early 2016 a stable and ambitious group. While most teams on the scene split up in a few months, the heart of the team has been playing together for over a year and a half now. This calm and thoughtful player is the “leader” of the composition, the one who decides the strategies to adopt. He will have much to do against the Danes of North Academy.

    Place now to his two teammates Benoit “MetaL” Guelette and Benjamin “waneG” Taquet. These two rather discreet players occupy important roles and the stability of this team allows them to have a well-honed game. Benoit is 26 and comes from Belgium, he is the “lurker” of the team, the one who plays at the end of the attacks and who annoys the opponents players wishing to help their teammates. This role requires a very good analysis and anticipation of enemies. For his part Benjamin is 20 years old and comes from the north of France, he is a “support”, the one that puts his teammates in the best conditions to attack an area. Despite his young age, he has a good experience and can adapt to all situations. His more discreet role does not always make him shine, but his contribution to the team makes up for it.

    MetaL, WALLAX, nonick, waneG et ZywOo

    The last two players are the young ones of the formation. First Matthéo “nonick” Canei, 18 years old and proud “Messin” (from the city of Metz) aims to open the bombsites, he is the first who launches the attack. For this he must use his timing, but also his “aim”, be precise in its aim to eliminate enemies. This role is one of the most particular and Matthéo seems comfortable in this position. After a thunderous debut at the age of 16, Matthéo lost his way, changing teams often. He recently returned with Wallax, MetaL and waneG, finding stability and confidence to show his best profile.

    Finally, the nugget of the French scene, the one that the greatest pros see as a future player of the highest level, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut. Only 16 years old and originally from Montigny-en-Gohelle near Lens, Mathieu is the “sniper” of the team, the one who takes the sniper rifle. He needs sharp reflexes and superior precision to get rid of his opponents. In recent months, all eyes are on him as the best French formations pay court and watch his progress very closely. He alone can change the outcome of a match.

    Everything is framed by Steeve “Ozstrik3r” Flavigni, soon 39 years old and a real veteran of the French Counter-Strike scene. A former captain of very high level, he recently returned in a coaching role to help Falvien in his lead and to transmit his experience and knowledge of the game.